Joan of Arc

Culture Collection Rug. 210 x 200 cm [83 x 79 inches]
Hand woven, hand dyed, hand embroidered and hand sewn.
Time for creating each piece: 24 weeks

design story:

1429: with exceptional faith, confidence and enthusiasm, Joan of Arc restored hope to the desperate French soldiers and liberated the city of Orleans, which remains a turning point  in the French- English hundred-year war. This rug is an ode of her warrior qualities. The fantastic creatures it stages – Griffins and Hawks – evoke courage, power, protection (wings),  clairvoyance and freedom (piercing gaze). These creatures are present on royal coats of arms from the Middle Age period. Joan of Arc has achieved mythical status in the world, her story and character inspiring numerous literary, historical, and cinematographic works.

Vibrant tribute to the bravery of Joan of Arc, this piece of art will galvanize your interior.