I am pleased to present here my Culture Collection of tapestries hand embroidered in the Kashmiri Srinagar Valley by gifted Master Craftsmen.  My passion is to build bridges between cultures. I like to believe I am part of the human chain that helps in preserving them through the centuries. That’s why I chose to bring you ancestral and mythical themes borrowed from religions, art history and world culture.

In this collection, each piece’s design reminds us of a myth or bring to light a mythical personality. You will build a rich interior with designs related to fascinating stories:  Noah’s Ark, Tree of Life, Esther Williams, Amsterdam, Diane, Joan of Arc.

Limited quantities

Because our unique pieces are entirely handmade and respectful of the traditional know-how, they cannot be produced in large quantities. A famous luxury house came to study our unrivalled manufacturing process only to discover that it can’t exist in larger scale.

An art that needs time

Patiently and individually embroidered, each creation requires between two months to two years. Luxury comes with a special dedication to every single detail.

Rare know-how

Our Craftsmen have mastered the chain stitch technique to the point of the most humanly possible perfection and tight regularity. This technique reveals a myriad of small circle patterns that reflect light in many subtle ways.

Tree of Life
Joan of Arc
Esther Williams
Noah’s Ark