My Philosophy

© Denise Keus

My passion is to bridge cultures.  Born in France, I have lived in Brazil, Los Angeles and worked in S.E Asia.  By marrying French elegance, New York glamour, and ancestral know-how from Kashmir, I offer a collection of home decor and shawls where refined craftsmanship, art and style fuse together.  I strive to source and bring to light a rare know-how that emphasizes your personal style and your interior’s elegance.

My pledge is to share with connoisseurs the history beyond design. I am committed to developing Slow Fashion & Décor to fight against the invading standardization of design. Each piece of my collection is hand crafted, often unique, and tells a story. I want to provide each one with an heirloom that can be passed through generations.

My clients belong to a community who help the gifted craftsmen from Kashmir  make a better living.  I am always grateful when those who know me share the same values about rarity and elegance while helping others. Let’s build today the world we dream of.