A collection appreciated by the finest of connoisseurs: major decorators such as Jacques Grange and Kelly Wearstler, galleries and stylists like Hugo Kosters, around the globe have a passion for the story and history behind the concept of Isabelle’s art pieces. They acknowledge the excellence of the know-how mastered by her Master Craftsmen. The limited production rooted in her Slow Fashion & Décor label is the proof that she believes in the value of time to reach beauty. A limited number of people have access to these exclusive and confidential collections, like Les Ateliers Courbet in NY, Tertius in Amsterdam and Gstaad, Hollywood actors like Cameron Diaz and Lisa Kudrow, and those who know Isabelle personally.

For over 15 years, Isabelle has initiated a prestigious International clientele to the knowledge of “métiers d’art” by sharing her experience. She brings ancestral weaving and hand embroidery to the stage in an exceptional manner, by combining French codes of elegance with NY glam.

Jacques Grange
Kelly Wearstler
Ateliers Courbet
Sherrie Zwail Enderman
Lisa Kudrow
Michelle Opperman
Sascha Faase
Yvo van Regteren Altena