Culture Collection Tapestry.  122 x 150 cm [48 x 60 inches]
Hand woven, hand dyed, hand embroidered and hand sown.
Time for creating each piece: 33 weeks

Design story:

1499: Diane de Poitiers’ birth. She represented fifteenth century beauty and was considered an ‘ardent feminist sure of her own worth – and a child of her time’. She had all these attributes, plus a strong will and great strength of purpose. This vision of a beautiful women mounted on a fine horse, followed by a handsome greyhound determined Diane de Poitiers’ style. With Diane in mind we designed a very special horse, just as they are found in Kashmir, with a hanging traditional harness. A symbol of beauty, elegance, and intelligence, horses are often used by designers in home decoration.

A tribute to Diane’s personality, this rug will transform your interior.