Culture Collection Tapestry. 200 X 85cm [78 X 34 inches], with cream or green canal water.
Hand woven, hand dyed, hand embroidered and hand sown.
Time for creating each piece: two years originally, now 36 weeks

Design story:

1662: Amsterdam was rebuilt with red bricks in order to avoid further fires of the original wooden houses. Nowadays, it is a cosmopolitan “village” that I love for its charming canal houses, inspiring museums and artistic design community that I am exposed to in my daily life. I know that when I move on to my next city adventure I will miss my view on one of my favourite canals, “Het Singel”. That is why I created a tapestry that I can take with me.  Most expats who have lived in the Netherlands rejoice in being able to take this special reminder of Amsterdam to their new destination.  This piece took 2 years in development, allowing for the authentic colouring of each brick, each roof top gable, and the naïve reflection of the water in each window panel.

This fantastic view of Amsterdam’s canal houses will be your most authentic memory.