© Jose Manuel Alorda

Culture Collection Rug.  235 x  155cm [94 x 61 inches]
Hand woven, hand dyed, hand embroidered and hand sewn.
Time for creating each piece: 18 weeks

Design story:

1615: Pierre Dupont creates a carpet manufactory in a former soap factory (French savon) located at the Quai de Chaillot in Paris. It became the most prestigious European manufactory of knotted-pile carpets. Property of the Crown of Louis XIII, the Savonnerie carpets were among the grandest of Frenh diplomatic gifts. The Savonnerie style settled into pure French designs, pictorial framed medallions, densely massed flowers bouquets, within multiple borders. The chain stitch technique perfected by our Craftsmen gives a new texture to this classical Savonnerie-like design.