Mata Hari

Culture Collection Rug. 170 x 170 cm [67 x 37 inches]
Hand woven, hand dyed, hand embroidered and hand sewn.
Time for creating each piece: 13 weeks

Design story:

1905: The birth of a myth. Mata Hari, whose name means ‘sunrise’ in Malay, seduces All-Paris at the Guinet museum with an exotic and erotic dance show in honor of the God Shiva. She is a tall and slender woman, with dark skin and jet-black hair, with a heavenly body that turns every dawn and dusk into a feast for the eye. But her awareness is ephemeral as her role as a spy during the First World War brought her to be beheaded at the age of 40. Manipulative or manipulated, Mata Hari has never since ceased to arouse fantasies and interrogations, thus becoming one of the most famous myths of the twentieth century in Europe.

This Mata Hari rug will create an atmosphere conducive to revealing secrets.