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Luxury also means being able to create your bespoke shawl or home accessory.  I work regularly on custom made projects, with decorators, galleries and directly with clients. I have participated in interior decorations projects around the world from homes in Zurich, Haussmanian apartments in Paris, to ranches and summer houses in the US.

In my collection you can request your special colours for any tapestry, rug or shawls. On certain designs you can even modify the sizes, like Klimt, Mata Hari, Joan of Arc, etc…We can also work together to upholster chairs and couches. Once we have an agreement on your specific wish, the creation can be as quick as 2 weeks for a bespoke shawl to a minimum of 3 months for a unique hand embroidered rug/tapestry or blanket.

Our Master Craftsmen will be happy to devote their time and passion to someone who appreciates their art.

I look forward to your project, tell me more:
+31 (0)6 142 32 882

Upholstry Fabric
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