“One accessory I cannot deprive myself of is cashmere shawls. They bring all:  colour to my skin and wardrobe, warmth, sensuality and security. I also use them when I travel on planes and boats.”

I am pleased to present here my cashmere shawl Flying Collection, from the Kashmiri Srinagar Valley. they are hand woven by gifted Master Craftsmen, and for some select pieces, also hand embroidered.

Limited quantities

Because they are entirely handmade and respect the traditional know-how, most pieces can only be made in small quantities.

An art that needs time

The cashmere fiber is so fine it can only be spun by HAND. Since Mughal times, the Kashmiris have developed unique spinning and weaving skills.

Rare know-how

Only a particular goat that  lives and grazes at the highest altitudes (14,700 feet or 4500 meters) can produce the finest quality cashmere. Pashmina is the thin coat the goat develops under its thick wool coat of longer hair, to withstand temperatures that can reach -40°C, during the long winter months. the pashmina is then carefully cut and combed out during the summer. The tougher the winter, the thinner, the warmer and the more beautiful the under hair.

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