Tree of Life

© Jose Manuel Alorda

Culture Collection Rug.  280 x 75 cm  [114 x 29 inches]
Hand woven, hand dyed, hand embroidered and hand sewn.
Time for creating each piece: 16 weeks

Design story:

1872 – Darwin uses the Tree of Life as a metaphor to connect all forms of creations in his Theory of Evolution. It is also called Tree of Knowledge, connecting heaven and the underworld. This is a widespread mythology and hence part of many cultures. At the top of the tree, a superb hornbill evokes the supreme elevation of the soul to a spiritual paradise, related to the fantastic habitat of this bird in the virgin forests of Borneo. In the tree roots two lions cling together with a serpent – symbols of danger and temptation. The finest work of Master Craftsmen give a rich and unique texture to this creation.

This spiritual Tree of Life rug invites us to question our sense of values on earth. 

© Alexandre Coric